Back To Black Series

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

One of my goals for 2018 was to participate in more collaborations with other bloggers. When I wrote my goals down and prayed over them, little did I know, Bianca from Curvaceously Bee would announce her plans to bring back her “Back to Black Series.” I knew instantly I had to inquire and participate!

This is definitely a series full of stylish women you don’t want to miss! You can expect a new, “Back To Black” post every Wednesday.

It’s so important, not only in the blogging community, but in every day life to stop seeing other women as competition! Working together can bring an unexpected union and support. My goal this year is to be more open to new possibilities and opportunities. There’s room for us all to win!

My first look in this series is a revamp of one of my previous looks on Instagram .It’s no secret, I love a great duster. They’re pretty much perfect for any occasion. You can dress them up or down. For this look, I switched it up a bit by adding a pair of black jeggings I purchased from Ross. The leggings that originally came with this duster set, is very thin and since it’s so cold out the thicker jeggings worked perfect! To complete this look, I simply added a thin belt to secure the duster close and to accentuate my wait.

I think I’ll be trying this more often, revamping some of my old looks. Shoot me an emails if you beauties would be interested in seeing a series of revamped looks!

Outfit Details: Duster: GS Love

Jeggings: Ross

Shoes: Rainbow

Be sure to check out the other ladies looks!

Tia of The Millennial Wives Club

Bianca of Curvaceously Bee

Angie of Steele Divine


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