Fall Florals

How many of you have thought about putting your floral print clothing up for Fall? If you have, take that thought away now I’m here today to bring you a post that will make you consider keeping those floral pieces out a little longer. I’m a firm believer that Summer and Spring pieces can be easily transition into Fall and, even Winter seasons. Now of course, some pieces are meant for certain seasons but for the most part most clothing can be transitional.

When shopping for florals in this season, it’s good to look for darker/ seasonal shades such as: mustard, burgundy and black. For transitional floral pieces, adding a leather jacket or sweater will tone down almost any floral and add that fall flair to an outfit. Also consider adding a Fall hat to your floral look.

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite fall floral maxi dresses from Gwynnie Bee; it’s super comfy and an effortless slay. And I most definitely love a effortless outfit. A simple pair of hoops and a pair of bangles is all I paired with this look with. Besides the floral detailing, this dress has two pockets and a waist tie that can be used to pull the dress tighter in the waist.

This dress is perfect for the holiday season and with Thanksgiving right around the corner. This piece is definitely a look! Stylish and comfortable, plus the waist tie is adjustable, now that’s an added perk to make room for all the turkey and dressing you can eat lol . With my family we always do an informal dinner and although it’s informal I’m usually the cousin that shows up doing the most lol, but this year I’m keeping it real simple and casual.

Don’t be surprised if you see me on social media with my family in this dress! Lol I’m definitely putting this one on repeat.

What is your holiday style for family dinners? Are you the cute and casual cousin or the over dressed cousin for the holidays?

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