Jumping Into The Holiday Season

Happy Monday Dolls!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year am I’m so into the Christmas season! From decorating the house ,to shopping in the holiday atmosphere, and celebrating at Christmas parties, I love it all! My Christmas tree has been up since the week after Halloween, don’t judge me. With all the exciting festivities going on  what better way to celebrate than in a fab jumpsuit! When I tried on this jumpsuit, I instantly knew I had to add it to my closet. The color and deep v cut is just some of the major highlights of this cute jumpsuit.

I will be honest, I’m normally not a big fan of jumpsuits. I can never find one to fit exactly to my liking and the few I have purchased in the past I had to get them altered. If you have ever had anything altered before then you know it’s not that cheap to have alterations done. Hence, this is my reason for skipping out on jumpsuits, but to my surprise this jumpsuit was the perfect fit with the right amount of stretch. I probably will have the seamstress take a little off the leg, but I’m not sure yet because if I decide to wear this jumpsuit again with a higher heel I don’t want the length too short.

When looking for jumpsuits, I suggest trying it on every time. Yes, every time and I hate trying on clothes so I understand your pain, but I also know it will save you a lot of hassle in the end. When looking for jumpsuits don’t be afraid to go up or down a size, because of the many styles and materials, every jumpsuit will fit differently. I have jumpsuits in a large, a 2x and even a medium! And this rule applies to any clothing you purchase, don’t be afraid to try a variety of sizes.

I would rather know I purchased my jumpsuit in a larger size and have it fit properly than to purchase my exact size and the fit is horrible! The jumpsuit I’m wearing from  GS Love is a size 1x, but because of the stretch and the peplum style the fit is perfect. This jumpsuit can definitely go for an office holiday party(with a tank underneath) or a night out look.


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