Roses are Red: Unconditional Self-Love

Happy Tuesday Beauties!

The month of February is a symbolic month for love. Today I’m sharing with you 3 ways to love yourself unconditionally and of course I’m giving you the details on this fab dress. Sometimes as women, we can be so hard and judge mental of ourselves. We set unrealistic expectations for our lives, compare our “now” with others, and get discouraged when we don’t live up to society’s expectations. At some point in my past, I have done all three and maybe some of you have too. Here’s three ways to love your self unconditionally.

• Daily Affirmation- It might sound silly to some but reciting daily affirmations every morning will set the tone for whatever the day has to bring. Do you remember how when we were younger and if we would get in trouble; the teacher would make you write sentences such as, “I will not talk in class.” Writing those sentences would stick in my mind all day, no matter what went on that day and I believe that reciting those affirmations will stick with you throughout your day as well.

• Take yourself on a date- Now I was All was the one that would say, “ I could never sit in a restaurant and eat alone.” Guess I didn’t know what I was missing out on. Recently, I took myself to breakfast and I truly enjoyed my company. I spent that time catching up on writing my plans and thinking. Never underestimate the power of taking yourself out. Now I haven’t got to the point where I would have dinner alone but, never say never.

• Know that life goes on- So what you didn’t check off that life goal this month. Life goes on. There are too many reasons for us to celebrate life. Everyday is a gift and we should all act as such. We only get one life to live. Follow your dreams and live them unapologetically. Remember, you owe no one an explanation for doing what makes you happy.

Dress details: This dress is perfection. The fit and comfort of this dress are a plus to the sheer and rose detailing. I ordered this dress in a size XL and the side detail has a small zipper.


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