Vision Board Party

Happy Monday Beauties!

As promised, I’m sharing the details on my experience at the vision board party from this past weekend. By the way, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletters for exclusive content and giveaways. Some years back, I created a vision board via Pinterest and I pinned all of my goals and dream to the board. I never really considered putting it on an actual board simply because I had the mindset that I could always go back to my app for inspiration whenever I needed it.

Although it’s true, you can revert back to your app but sometimes it’s better to have the vision in front of you to see every day! One thing that really stuck with me from the facilitator of this event was, make your board intentional. While my board on Pinterest had every single thing I hoped for years, this board has everything I want to accomplish this year. One of the amazing things we did was use a writing prompt. The writing prompt simply stated, “ It is 12/31/18 and I am so proud that I have accomplished_______.” From there we wrote our accomplishments as if they were completed and them proceeded to work on our vision boards.

To me, this was an amazing idea instead of filling the board with a bunch of pretty pictures of things we want in life; we filled the board with intentional pictures that related to achieving those accomplished goals from the writing prompt. I encourage you, to use the writing prompt above as well. It was very helpful to me at times I get overwhelmed with all the thing I “think” I should be doing but this prompt helped me to narrow my focus.

I’ll share a few things from my vision board and what it means to me. The bottom right pictures symbolizes me and my husband traveling out of the country. I always love to travel, but I’m extremely fearful of traveling outside of the country. My plan is to take baby steps and plan a small getaway real soon.

To the left, the picture of the young lady sitting on the floor symbolize me having peace that surpasses all understanding.

I hope you guys have already got started on your 2018 goals, now it’s time to make the vision plain!


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