Year of Reflection

Have you heard of the saying, “so much can happen in a year” ? Well this definitely applied to my life this year. From losing a job, to getting a new job, then leaving that job for another new job, on top of getting married, trying to juggle every day life and blogging it has really been a year!

I can honestly say that even with all the changes I’ve experienced, I have never been more me and in my element than in these uncertain moments. Every time I thought I took a lost I didn’t. It all worked out for my good. Every plan and failure was apart of God’s master plan!

This year has taught me so much! I have accomplished so many things that I wouldn’t have imagined accomplishing this time last year. Going into 2018, my goal is to act on my God given talents, bring more quality posts to you dolls, more videos and there are even a few events in the works for next year! So my Birmingham dolls get ready!

I’m so excited to take you guys with me on this amazing journey! There’s a huge announcement coming in the next few weeks! Thank you dolls for all your support, likes, encouraging words and comments! Let’s get ready to glow, grow and prosper in 2018!

Outfit Details:

Blazer: Catos Fashion

Jumpsuit: Target

Shoes: GS Loves Me

Happy New Year!

Check out my most recent YouTube video here. Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates on new videos!


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