It’s Bri Day!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday to me! It’s only right, that in true blogger fashion, I share with you a few things I have learned along this journey to 27. I’m sure some would say, “oh your just a baby still”. While that may be true to ”some extent”, this journey has definitely taught me a lot !

So let’s get started:

1. Never be afraid to take a leap of FAITH!

Although I’m just 27, I wish I had this mentality 10 years ago! You know we have this cookie cutter dream of how we want our lifestyle to be and let’s face it, it doesn’t always happen that way. And it’s okay. Life has a way of coming full circle no matter what path we take. We can venture off, hit a dead end, climb a mountain and even fall down that mountain, and still make it to where we are destined to be! It’s all apart of God’s plan.

2. If not you, then who?

You know that gift/talent you been sitting on? You know the one where you short yourself by giving that ”discount”. The one that you find true joy in. Go and achieve that dream! Now, this is not for those who are comfortable with keeping their talent as a side hustle. This is for the ones who contemplate on a daily basis, what if? And this is definitely for me too. No, it won’t be easy to step into the unknown, but I l’m sure you will thank yourself later down the line. Plan and preparation is the key. Don’t hold off any longer! Your future is calling you.

3. Enjoy life and live it abundantly!

My goal for 2018 was to make a lifestyle change. Although you’ve heard me talk about keto on my Instagram. What I love about the keto, is that it’s a LIFESTYLE. Another way I’m living life abundantly is by finding the positive in every situation. No situation, person or anything should cause you your peace.

I could go on, but I won’t keep you beauties here all day. Plus, it’s time to get the b’day festivities started! Head over to my instastories to follow my eventful day!

IG: beautybybriana_


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