Drugstore Beauty Haul

Would you believe me if I told you that I got all of these items for under $20? Thanks to my local Walgreens I snagged these hot beauty finds for a great price! I encourage you guys to sign up for the free rewards cards to get perks such as on sale makeup, cash towards future purchases when your Walgreens points build up, and more! Now let’s get into this mini haul!

Black Radiance Color Perfect HD Mousse Foundation-$4.99 regular price $9.99- Although I have used BR foundation before, this will be my first time trying the HD Mousse Foundation. Mark your calendars! On Tuesday I will do a foundation review on my instastory.

Instagram: _bri.style

Wet n Wild Glitter Single– $0.59 each, regular price $0.99 each- This nude glitter is perfect to spice up your holiday or night out eyeshadow routine! Of, course I got two! Honestly, I probably would have grab them all if there were more! You can’t beat 59 cents!

Wet n Wild Shutter Shock Lashes– These lashes are normally priced at $1.00. Which is not bad at all, but I was able to get them for 65 cents! Needless to say, it was only one pair left. The quality of these lashes are great! With proper care and removal of the lashes, they can easily be used more than once!

Black Radiance Perfect Tone Matte Lip Color Retro Berry– This lipstick was not on sale but at $2.59, it’s still a great deal to me! If you don’t know I’m obsessed with matte lipsticks and of course, you can never have too many lipstick choices! So I had to grab this berry lippie. This color will be perfect with the Wet n Wild glitter shadow for a holiday look!


What To Wear To MCFW

Magic City Fashion Week is right around the corner and with so many great events to attend its hard to contain my excitement! What is Magic City Fashion Week you ask? Let me give you a little background. MCFW was founded in 2017, bringing Birmingham Alabama’s creatives and fashion community together while raising awareness for HIV through community outreach. The lineup for this year’s event is filled with fun, networking, and great fashions, of course!

Not sure of what to wear to one of the many events of MCFW? Keep reading below for outfit inspo.

The color theme for season two this year is red, so I decided to plan my street style around this fab, thrifted blazer. The bold redness of this blazer is a sure way to stand out in any crowd. Adding a screen tee to any blazer is a stylish way dress down a blazer for a casual, chic look. My ripped jeans and vans completed this street style look. I decided to keep my jewelry simple with hoop earrings, and two small necklaces.

Click here for a video tutorial on how to turn old jeans into ripped jeans. It’s super simple!

Shopping Your Closet

Happy Monday Beauties!

Do you suffer from thinking you have to buy a new outfit for every event? If you answered yes, don’t feel bad; I once suffered from the same. That’s why this post is all about how I shop my closet and revamp old looks. I’m also dishing out a few tips as well!

So let’s do a little flashback, I made my first post in this duster last year on Instagram. I kept it real simple and paired this duster with a white shirt, jeans and black pumps.

Revamp Queen

When it comes to shopping your personal closet to revamp looks, simple things such as adding a belt or statement pieces can take your revamped look and make it look like a brand new outfit!

Here are my three simple steps for shopping your personal closet:

Get Inspired

Inspiration plays a huge part in creating revamped looks! One of my favorite places to look for inspiration is Pinterest. Click here to check out my boards for inspiration.

•Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix different colors and prints! Take a day to literally play dress up! Get in the mirror and model your beautiful revamped looks. Take pictures of each outfit you try on and create an album in your phone.

So now when you have an event to attend you won’t have to scramble or think about putting looks together again. Just simply recreate the looks from your album!

Get Your Closet Ready

For me, it’s hard to “shop my closet” when my closet is a catastrophe( yes, I said catastrophe) and finding inspiration is even harder! For items you no longer want, pack up your items and drop them off to a thrift store. If you have clothing that are not too dated or worn, then consider using Poshmark, or even a yard sale! A little extra cash never hurt anyone!

Are you feeling inspired? I can’t wait to see your revamped looks! Shoot me an email, tag me on Instagram or send me a dm with your looks!

Outfit Details

Duster – Walmart shop similar duster here

Shoes – DSW shop similar shoes here

Belt- Catos

Fall Bucket List/Outfit Details

I can’t believe Fall is almost here(September 22)! Although the temperatures here in Birmingham seem to think otherwise. Today’s post is all about my fall bucket list and of course details on this gorgeous dress!

I’ve always wanted to make a bucket list, so I figured what better time then now! I’ve decided to keep my list short and simple, so I can stay fully committed to completing this list before fall is over. Here’s my bucket list for fall:

Cook/Host My First Thanksgiving

Dinner this year is bound to be one for the books! I love to cook, always have. Hubby, not so much. This will definitely be an adventure, I can’t help but laugh and be excited just thinking about it.

Pick A Pumpkin

I mean, what’s fall without the pumpkins and fall decor?

Have A Fall Photoshoot

Stay tuned, I’ve been planning our fall outfits for quite sometime! Fall pictures are always so beautiful!

Donate to A Food Bank/Volunteer

The holidays are always the busiest at shelters. It’s so important to think about the less fortunate as we all celebrate the holidays with our families.

Visit the State Fair

I’ll never get too old for the fair! Plus it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge, guilt free, on a funnel cake!

Outfit Details:

Shop my dress here

Shop similar shoes here

Have you checked out my 2018 Fall Fashion Trends Post? Click here for a few of my fave trends.

Minimal Makeup 101: How To Achieve The ”No Makeup” Look

Happy Monday Beauties!

Today’s post is all about achieving the minimal “no makeup” makeup look. This routine is simple and requires very little time. It’s perfect for the summer and for the on the go everyday woman. Here’s a list of the items you’ll need for this look:

• Eye brow pencil or powder

• Spoolie brush

• Black eyeliner- liquid or pencil

• Mascara or strip lashes

• Nude lipstick

• Brown lip liner (optional)

Always start with a clean face! Having clean pores is essential for healthy skin. Next start by filing in the brows.For this look, I prefer not to clean up my brows with concealer. The key to flawless brows is to brush out the hard lines with a spoolie brush.

If you prefer to clean up your brows with concealer, after blending the concealer, wet an angled makeup brush to clean up and blend the concealer. Since there is no foundation used with this routine, blending and cleaning up the concealer is very important. Next step in this look is to line the eyes and apply your falsies or mascara. The last step in this look is to line your lips(optional) and apply your favorite nude lipstick. That completes this simple, yet flawless look!

Self Care: 5 Ways To Pamper Yourself With A D.I.Y Spa Day

Happy Tuesday Beauties!

Self care is so important both mentally and physically to keep us going on a daily basis. It’s not selfish to take a hour or two to relax and rest your mind! Let’s face it, we might not always have the time or funds for a weekly spa day, but today I’m sharing with you five ways to pamper yourself at home with a d.i.y spa day

• First set the mood! Pick a space in your home that’s quite and relaxing. Light candles or essential oils for relaxation and turn on you favorite, relaxing music.

• Next, mask it! There’s nothing like relaxing with a good facial mask and cucumbers over your eyes with your favorite music playing! Don’t forget to moisturize after you remove your mask.

• Now, it’s pedi/mani time! During this time, I like to squeeze in a deep conditioning with towel hydration. Simply apply a deep conditioning mask to your wet hair and wrap a warm towel around your hair to restore the moisture in hair. This method is equivalent to using a steam dryer. Once I’m done with my mani/pedi, I apply Vaseline to my feet to restore the moisture and put on socks to lock the moisture in.

• Last, I spend the last few minutes of my time journaling.

Self care can be as simple as reading a book or taking 30 mins to yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to indulge in a self care experience. The goal is to restore inner peace. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Always make time for you.


It’s Bri Day!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday to me! It’s only right, that in true blogger fashion, I share with you a few things I have learned along this journey to 27. I’m sure some would say, “oh your just a baby still”. While that may be true to ”some extent”, this journey has definitely taught me a lot !

So let’s get started:

1. Never be afraid to take a leap of FAITH!

Although I’m just 27, I wish I had this mentality 10 years ago! You know we have this cookie cutter dream of how we want our lifestyle to be and let’s face it, it doesn’t always happen that way. And it’s okay. Life has a way of coming full circle no matter what path we take. We can venture off, hit a dead end, climb a mountain and even fall down that mountain, and still make it to where we are destined to be! It’s all apart of God’s plan.

2. If not you, then who?

You know that gift/talent you been sitting on? You know the one where you short yourself by giving that ”discount”. The one that you find true joy in. Go and achieve that dream! Now, this is not for those who are comfortable with keeping their talent as a side hustle. This is for the ones who contemplate on a daily basis, what if? And this is definitely for me too. No, it won’t be easy to step into the unknown, but I l’m sure you will thank yourself later down the line. Plan and preparation is the key. Don’t hold off any longer! Your future is calling you.

3. Enjoy life and live it abundantly!

My goal for 2018 was to make a lifestyle change. Although you’ve heard me talk about keto on my Instagram. What I love about the keto, is that it’s a LIFESTYLE. Another way I’m living life abundantly is by finding the positive in every situation. No situation, person or anything should cause you your peace.

I could go on, but I won’t keep you beauties here all day. Plus, it’s time to get the b’day festivities started! Head over to my instastories to follow my eventful day!

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