Year of Reflection

Have you heard of the saying, “so much can happen in a year” ? Well this definitely applied to my life this year. From losing a job, to getting a new job, then leaving that job for another new job, on top of getting married, trying to juggle every day life and blogging it has really been a year!

I can honestly say that even with all the changes I’ve experienced, I have never been more me and in my element than in these uncertain moments. Every time I thought I took a lost I didn’t. It all worked out for my good. Every plan and failure was apart of God’s master plan!

This year has taught me so much! I have accomplished so many things that I wouldn’t have imagined accomplishing this time last year. Going into 2018, my goal is to act on my God given talents, bring more quality posts to you dolls, more videos and there are even a few events in the works for next year! So my Birmingham dolls get ready!

I’m so excited to take you guys with me on this amazing journey! There’s a huge announcement coming in the next few weeks! Thank you dolls for all your support, likes, encouraging words and comments! Let’s get ready to glow, grow and prosper in 2018!

Outfit Details:

Blazer: Catos Fashion

Jumpsuit: Target

Shoes: GS Loves Me

Happy New Year!

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Back To Black Series

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

One of my goals for 2018 was to participate in more collaborations with other bloggers. When I wrote my goals down and prayed over them, little did I know, Bianca from Curvaceously Bee would announce her plans to bring back her “Back to Black Series.” I knew instantly I had to inquire and participate!

This is definitely a series full of stylish women you don’t want to miss! You can expect a new, “Back To Black” post every Wednesday.

It’s so important, not only in the blogging community, but in every day life to stop seeing other women as competition! Working together can bring an unexpected union and support. My goal this year is to be more open to new possibilities and opportunities. There’s room for us all to win!

My first look in this series is a revamp of one of my previous looks on Instagram .It’s no secret, I love a great duster. They’re pretty much perfect for any occasion. You can dress them up or down. For this look, I switched it up a bit by adding a pair of black jeggings I purchased from Ross. The leggings that originally came with this duster set, is very thin and since it’s so cold out the thicker jeggings worked perfect! To complete this look, I simply added a thin belt to secure the duster close and to accentuate my wait.

I think I’ll be trying this more often, revamping some of my old looks. Shoot me an emails if you beauties would be interested in seeing a series of revamped looks!

Outfit Details: Duster: GS Love

Jeggings: Ross

Shoes: Rainbow

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Back To Black Series: Prints &Palazzo Pants

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

It’s Wednesday and today is part 2 of the series! This week I decided to add print to my all black look, and incorporate palazzo pants. Palazzo pants are fun, trendy alternatives to the traditional trouser. There are so many ways you can style palazzo pants and the wide leg is what makes the palazzo pant my fave.

The key to a smooth look in palazzo pants is the correct undergarments. Spanx is a girl’s best friend in these pants, no matter what size you are.

This particular pair of palazzo pants is what I consider one of my transitional pieces. These pants can be worn in the spring/summer as well. From the picture, you wouldn’t know that they are see-through from the thigh down. I simply added a pair of black stockings underneath to both keep me warm and block out the transparency. Layering adds to any look.

*Worried about how your shape will look with your shirt tucked in? No problem, simply add a duster or cardigan to any look. You can slay this tip even in the spring/summer, by adding a sleeveless duster.

Get creative with your favorite pieces from your wardrobe! Let’s face it, not every piece will be transitional, but for the ones that are, dressing them up and layering is what will make these items favorites year around.

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for part 3 of this fabulous series!

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Outfit Detials: Sweater- Ross

Palazzo Pants- thrifted

Necklace- Forever 21

Back To Black Series: Fashion& Truths

Back To Black Series : Part 3

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

Can you believe we’re already into the third week in January? I know I can’t, time is really flying by and with that being said we are into the third part of this series. Today’s post will be a little different. Sure, I’ll be giving my outfit details to you all but I wanted to take the time to share my truth.

If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would be settling for a job opportunity, I would probably say you’re wrong! Remember how I told you guys in my, “Year of Reflection” post that I left one job only to find another then leave there to take another position. Well let me elaborate a little more. While the new opportunity I have is great; I still feel like I settled sometimes.

I have always been the type to jump out on a limb and take my chances to seek the best opportunity and when I finally found what I thought was the best. I’m still left feeling unhappy with the decision sometimes! Within working my 9-5 lies all of my passions and dreams and I just can’t over look those things because I believe that God gives us those dreams, so we can fulfill them by building a firm foundation in him.

So while I am in this season, I have decided to find my purpose for this season and to ask God to open my eyes and ears to what he wants me to hear and see. Here are three ways that I’m being productive in what feels like my stand still season and I believe this will help you through as well.

1. Daily devotions- I find time to get my scriptures and devotions in. Sometimes I don’t have the chance to read a long devotional but I can always guarantee a quick, right on time word from my Saved In The City app.

2. Finding distance- To some being distant is a bad thing, but you have to get in your work area and get quiet sometimes and listen to what God wants you to hear. No gossiping, no playing. Head phones in tune out the background noise and get in your peace zone.

3. Plan&Prepare- If you have prayed over your dreams and you believe God is about to move. Prepare for your breakthrough! Plan for your blog, business, whatever it is your believing in him for. Plan for what’s to come, like it’s coming tomorrow! Write The Vision, Make It Plain!

I’m walking in my purpose from now on and that’s my promise to myself! What will you promise yourself?

Outfit details:

Top: forever21

Skirt: Ross

Crossbody: Ann Klein

Boots: Rainbow

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Back To Black Series:LBD

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

It’s the last part of the series and I figured what better way to finish this series than with a little black dress! I must say, I have truly enjoyed the experience of collaborating for this series.

So let’s jump right in, I’m sure you’ve heard many times that every woman needs a LBD in her closet. It’s true, and to get the most out of your money always look for a dress that can work for all occasions! That’s why I absolutely adore this black dress from Catos . This dress is appropriate for the office, date night, girls night, and a casual slay.

Here’s three ways to slay this dress for the office:

* Pair this dress with stockings or tights. It’s pretty cold out and we want to keep our legs warm at all times. Don’t be afraid to try prints on your stockings.

* Add a sleeveless duster. I seriously can’t think of any time when a duster is not appropriate, but then again I am a little bias because of my love for dusters.

• For my taller ladies, style this dress with low wedge heels, kitten heels or a pair of stylish flats.

For date night/girls night:

•Add a pair of stylish heels. A gorgeous pair of heels and the right bag to match can take any simple dress up a notch. Don’t forget the red lipstick, now the look is complete!

For a casual slay:

* Add a crossbody purse and a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylor style shoes.

I hope you beauties have enjoyed this series as much as I have! Stay tuned I’m working on something special for the month of February for you guys and be sure to sign up for my newsletter! There’s a freebie in the February newsletter, plus an announcement!

Dress: Catos

Shoes: Charlotte Russe