Minimal Makeup 101: How To Achieve The ”No Makeup” Look

Happy Monday Beauties!

Today’s post is all about achieving the minimal “no makeup” makeup look. This routine is simple and requires very little time. It’s perfect for the summer and for the on the go everyday woman. Here’s a list of the items you’ll need for this look:

• Eye brow pencil or powder

• Spoolie brush

• Black eyeliner- liquid or pencil

• Mascara or strip lashes

• Nude lipstick

• Brown lip liner (optional)

Always start with a clean face! Having clean pores is essential for healthy skin. Next start by filing in the brows.For this look, I prefer not to clean up my brows with concealer. The key to flawless brows is to brush out the hard lines with a spoolie brush.

If you prefer to clean up your brows with concealer, after blending the concealer, wet an angled makeup brush to clean up and blend the concealer. Since there is no foundation used with this routine, blending and cleaning up the concealer is very important. Next step in this look is to line the eyes and apply your falsies or mascara. The last step in this look is to line your lips(optional) and apply your favorite nude lipstick. That completes this simple, yet flawless look!

Affordable Summer Fashion Finds

Happy Tuesday Beauties!

Let’s talk about this maxi skirt! It’s definitely dress season and the maxis are in full effect! I can remember when I was younger how much I hated wearing dresses now I can’t get away from dresses and skirts, especially maxi styles.

This skirt from Burlington was purchased in the store for $14.99! Normally, in maxi style skirts I can wear an XL or 1x but this skirt has plenty of stretch in the waist. I purchased a large and it’s a very comfortable fit.

To complete this look, I paired this skirt with a crop off the shoulder top from Charlotte Russe for $11.99. Of course, I also paired this full-length skirt with a pair of heels(although you can’t see them). I’m a shorty so most of the time I have to pair full-length clothing with a pair of heels or get alterations done. This entire look is under $30! Another plus, this basic crop shirt can be paired with many other looks!

Whenever I’m shopping, I like to shop for basic pieces, so that I can maximize my wardrobe. Basic pieces are essential to building a trendy wardrobe!


On Trend: Florals and Maxis

Summer has quickly approached and once again florals are on trend for summer 18, along with many other fab fashions. Click here to see the summer trend report from Marie Claire. I couldn’t imagine a summer without wearing maxis. You can dress them up or dress them down for any occasion.

This dress is everything! It’s super comfortable, off the shoulder(which I love so much), super affordable, and of course, floral print! The pockets on this dress are an added bonus as well. If you’ve followed my blog posts and Instagram for awhile, then you know I’m not one to shy away from the florals. This dress is a size XL and will definitely be in the rotation to wear again. Floral prints look great on any body type, from small print florals to big print florals. The key to wearing prints is to try on different types of the print you love and then determine which print you love the most before saying it won’t look great on your body type.

Shop This Look

Dress| Lipstick| | Shoes- Charlotte Russe (old)| Purse(old)

Summer Foundations & Undertones

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

Today’s post is all about finding the perfect shade for changing undertones in the Summer months. Yesterday, I did a poll on my instastory and the majority voted that you experience some skin tone changes during the summer seasons. Of course with that change, depending on how much your shade darkens in the summer, can cause a major difference in your foundation shade.

During the Summer, I always go a shade darker to avoid an ashy look. My go to brand and shade is the Covergirl Queen Collection Sand for summer. This shade is perfect and allows me to still use my under eye correctors and highlight without looking like I have on baby powder for a foundation!

My undertone is red, and that means my undertone falls under the cool category. When finding the right foundation shade for any season, the first thing you should know is your undertone shade. There are three categories:

•Cool(pink, red or blue undertones)

•Warm( yellow or golden undertones)

•Neutral( is a combination of both)

If you’re not sure of your undertone shade, there are several simple at home test that you can take. I will post the information at the end of this post. Also know that you can be the same shade as someone else and have a different undertone shade which will cause the foundation to look different on both individuals.

Here’s a quick tip: if you’re foundation looks ashy on your skin that is an indication that you need to go darker. If your foundation looks muddy like, then you should go lighter.

I hope this guide helps you beauties find that perfect summer shade! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.


*This information was obtain from Google.

Self Care: 5 Ways To Pamper Yourself With A D.I.Y Spa Day

Happy Tuesday Beauties!

Self care is so important both mentally and physically to keep us going on a daily basis. It’s not selfish to take a hour or two to relax and rest your mind! Let’s face it, we might not always have the time or funds for a weekly spa day, but today I’m sharing with you five ways to pamper yourself at home with a d.i.y spa day

• First set the mood! Pick a space in your home that’s quite and relaxing. Light candles or essential oils for relaxation and turn on you favorite, relaxing music.

• Next, mask it! There’s nothing like relaxing with a good facial mask and cucumbers over your eyes with your favorite music playing! Don’t forget to moisturize after you remove your mask.

• Now, it’s pedi/mani time! During this time, I like to squeeze in a deep conditioning with towel hydration. Simply apply a deep conditioning mask to your wet hair and wrap a warm towel around your hair to restore the moisture in hair. This method is equivalent to using a steam dryer. Once I’m done with my mani/pedi, I apply Vaseline to my feet to restore the moisture and put on socks to lock the moisture in.

• Last, I spend the last few minutes of my time journaling.

Self care can be as simple as reading a book or taking 30 mins to yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to indulge in a self care experience. The goal is to restore inner peace. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Always make time for you.


What’s In My Bag?

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner! For me, warmer months means wearing less makeup. Simply because I hate when my makeup runs because of sweat and then it ends up on everything I touch. I like to think of the warmer months as a time to let the skin, ”relax, relate, release”, in my best Whitley Gilbert voice.

Today I’m sharing with you 4 things in my makeup bag that will keep your makeup looking fresh for those days you need a quick touch up before you head out for any occasion. And guess what, you can find all 4 items at your local Dollar Tree!

• E.L.F Blush- Shy

• E.L.F Under Eye Concelear& Highlighter- Medium Glow

• Carmex- Classic Lip Balm Strawberry

• Cotton Rounds

These items are perfect for an on the go quick makeup touch up. The cotton rounds are great to blot the oiliness in your face. I have tried several brands of oil blotting towelettes, but I found that using a regular cotton round with no product on it gives the best results for my oily skin.

If you use foundation or BB cream, adding a little concealer under your eye when refreshing your makeup goes a long way! Especially with the E.L.F Under Eye Concelear& Highlighter, the highlighter cream on top of the concealer adds the perfect brightening boost. Finish the look off by adding E.L.F Blush- Shy and Carmex Lip Balm.

*Tip- I always moisturize my lips before applying lipstick and before I go to bed. Moisturizing the lips creates a smooth base for lipstick application. To kick it up a notch, apply a lip exfoliant and then the Carmex Lip Balm.

Stripes on Stripes

Happy Monday Beauties!

Today is all about the stripes! I must admit I am overly obsessed with stripes, especially black and white. It’s just something about those classic black and white stripes, with a bold, red lip that makes my heart melt.

Normally, I’m not the one to mix and match prints or wear a bold print on the top and bottom, unless it’s a one piece. For this look, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it! And I’ll let you in on a little secret. This entire look was under $15! Yes, you read right under $15.

This entire look was thrifted! It’s been awhile since I’ve done some thrifting and even longer since I’ve done a thrift post. I’m not an expert or frequent thrifter but when I do thrift I always find some great pieces!

Horizontal and vertical stripes will definitely be on trend for spring/summer 2018. Both stripes have been seen in many fashion weeks, so expect to see more in store. Don’t be afraid to mix and match stripes, or pair stripes with solid, bold colors for spring/summer. To make your look pop, even more, go for a bolder lipstick with a neutral tone eyeshadow.

”Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it.”